Washing Services

Importance Of Washing

At LOTTO CARPETS GALLERY we believe in educating our customers about the proper maintenance and care for quality carpets. The accumulation of humidity dust and other contaminants may over time have negative effects on you and your family.

Washing With Care

Washing a handmade carpet is not a yearly or even biyearly requirement. Everyone’s usage is different and therefore everyone’s maintenance package will also need to be customised to the individual’s requirements. Washing a carpet is very different from cleaning a carpet. Additionally, stains can also be given special attention to help restore your carpet to its newest state.

Before / After

You can visualize the stunning results of our herbal washing process.

Herbal Washing Process

Sometimes up to a kilo of dust can be extracted through our herbal washing processes from your family’s carpet. Each carpet needs to be examined by our experts and then a determination is made for the best possible way to cater to the customer’s requirements. We use only the most organic means to wash your carpets and we combine efficient tools as well as good old-fashioned hard work to scrub wash and revitalise your carpets. Carpets are dried in the sun and for urgent requirements. Carpets are dried in the sun. Some of our processes include analysis, preliminary dehumidifying, dust extraction, surface cleaning, deep soaking, scrubbing the front and back, rinsing, water extraction, pile reset, sun drying, pile opening, and final finishing, just to name a few. Every effort is taken to rerun your carpet better than new! We will not return the piece back until it is up to our satisfaction.

Customized packages:

We have packages for hotels, restaurants, residences, schools, as well as other institutions and organisations. The carpet cleaning process can take between two and eight weeks to complete depending on the requirement and weather conditions. Our promise is the quality of our work, our philosophy is honesty and clarity along with transparency and our guarantee is that we will not give back the carpet until it is done up to our own satisfaction. For any questions or queries, please feel free to email or call us and we can better find out how to assist you with your washing and maintenance needs thank you.

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