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Art Therapy for Drug & Alcohol Addiction Recovery

At Crosspointe Recovery, we utilize alternative therapies such as art therapy, to help our clients heal from addiction. Many addicts suffer from emotional trauma, which is often the reason for their substance abuse. One of several options for addiction treatment, art therapy for drug and alcohol addiction recovery can provide a creative outlet for addicts to express their thoughts and emotions. Many addicts suffer from emotional trauma and often, it is the very reason behind their substance abuse. One of the several options for addiction treatment, art therapy for drug and alcohol addiction recovery can provide a creative outlet for addicts to express their thoughts and emotions. It’s very helpful for substance abuse and behavioral health patients to begin to feel empowered and capable of solving their own problems.

art therapy ideas for substance abuse

In addition, art therapy actually alters connections in the brain, making it easier for patients to connect with their emotions and regulate them. For one art group, we recently hosted a “Paint Along with Bob Ross” night. This prompt was intended to be playful and invitational, although even prescribed art can be expressive.

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Art therapy allows people to access and explore their unconscious thoughts and emotions. This can help them gain insight into their addiction and the factors that contribute to it. Substance abuse disorders can be very difficult to struggle with, but there are ways you can achieve sobriety today and for the long run. Getting sober and staying sober begins with that very first step. Seeking treatment from experienced rehab and recovery professionals can increase your odds of kicking your old habits and preventing relapse in the future. Like Howes, I am not going to talk about evidence-based approaches or outcomes.

  • People often need time and space to process issues like trauma or abuse.2 When you’re struggling to express yourself but still crave emotional release, art therapy can help.
  • As they fill the jar with these emotion-evoking items, they’ll remember positive moments in their lives and bring up good sentiments.
  • Get your hands messy and have a good time with finger painting, spreading the paint, creating shapes and blobs and anything that comes to mind.
  • Draw an outline of your body on a canvas or piece of paper and use watercolors to demonstrate how you feel, physically and emotionally.

Each project is specifically chosen to meet the needs of the population of the group. Participants use a variety of materials and mediums—paint, collage, colored pencils, and sometimes clay. Choosing the material for projects is also important. For example, if participants tend to be impulsive, Flora may choose colored pencils instead of markers because colored pencils require people to slow down and consider the process more. What does each session look like? An art therapy group isn’t just about completing an art project.

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Watercolor, in general, creates soft, beautiful pieces of color that evoke all sorts of emotions. This art form is often used to relieve stress and relax the mind, making it a great tool for addiction recovery. It helps the painter express feelings in a safe and supportive way. The utilization of art and music therapy within SUD treatment centers has been understudied.

art therapy ideas for substance abuse

Play some music that resonates with you and express your feelings through a paintbrush. Express your feelings to someone that you might still be angry at by designing and writing a letter or postcard — that you don’t plan on sending — with words, images, art therapy for addiction ideas and colors that express your feelings. Feel free and empowered by painting with your body as the paint tool. Use fingers, toes, hair, and other parts to create shapes and shades and apply color to a canvas. Document a happy experience you had.

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