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About Us

About US   “Lotto Carpets gallery is a sixth generation family owned and run business, all about the wonderful world of hand-made carpets. Once you unlock the doors to this magical world, be pleasantly surprised with a highly enjoyable experience, every time you visit. Many Memories speak fondly of their visits to Lotto, emerging several hours later amazed and enraptured by the multitude of carpets on offer. Counting more than 20,000 carpets in Singapore alone, each and every one carefully curated and subject to stringent selection criteria, the Mir family at Lotto carpets gallery warmly welcomes you to find your forever piece.  “ Imran Abid Mir  

about lotto carpets

A progressive and creative ethos, spanning over four decades in Singapore, allows us to deliver an unparalleled product; a lasting endeavor at Lotto Carpets gallery.

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By appointment only viewings. Digital and home viewings available upon request.

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Natural Washing & Restorations:

• No chemicals No enzymes No shampoo Expert carpet restorations available.

Mission & Vision

 Mission: To share knowledge and re-introduce the handmade carpet as a work of Art for the family, not just a static floor covering.

Vision: To see the love and warmth of all handmade woven Art enjoyed in every beautiful space all around the world again!

Historical Background

Our founder , Mr. Abid H. Mir’s story began at the tender age of 14. Mr Mir started his own carpet venture after one and a half years picking up the tricks of the trade as a labourer in a carpet shop.

Being from a single parent home since before his birth, Mr Mir never realised the legacy of his family in the carpet world. While growing up with an impoverished childhood was extremely hard, Mr Mir was often confronted with stories of his forefathers. At 12 years old, he had to make ends meet for himself and his mother, a nurse, so he started following his intuition into the carpet markets for work. While the first months were extremely difficult, he found favour with wealthy carpet merchants who recognised his qualities. He was hired based on his grit and determination as well as his ability to undercut the horse carriages that would typically deliver sold carpets to customers. Following this tough period, Mr Mir was acutely aware that he was different. He approached his Mothers family for a way out of their predicament.
Borrowing some money from his uncle to start the business, Mr Mir returned the capital within just seven months. With the profit that he made, he would take consignments of carpets from manufacturers and sell them to exporters.
In 1978, Mr Mir established a warehouse on Bond Street in London that supplied carpets to all of Southeast Asia. In 1981, he moved to Singapore and subsequently setup Lotto Carpets Gallery that deals in traditional handmade oriental carpets and contemporary masterweaves, as well as Antique Treasures, that deals in pieces from the 16th to 19th centuries. Lotto was named after Mr Mir’s favourite type of carpet; the Lotto Ushak, a hand-made rug, named after 14th -15th Century Italian painter Lorenzo Lotto, characterized by a stylized lacy arabesque pattern.

Today, as the next generation of carpet merchants, Imran Mir and Noman MIr hope to build on the legacy their father has created by continuing to focus on educating the customer and strengthening customer and corporate relationships.

Noman also has developed a burning passion for rare and collectable watches. Many of which, like carpets have a real artistic and investment value.

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