Lotto Carpets

A Legacy of Fathers and Sons

Delve into the captivating tale of Abid H. Mir, a true visionary who embarked on a remarkable carpet venture. Starting as a laborer in a carpet shop, his determination and unwavering spirit propelled him towards success, unbeknownst to him of his family’s esteemed heritage in the industry.

Despite the challenges of a single-parent household, Mir fearlessly explored the intricacies of the carpet markets, earning recognition for his tenacity and innovative delivery methods. Seizing an opportunity for change, he secured funding from his uncle and rapidly repaid the loan. With his profits, Mir ventured into sourcing carpets directly from manufacturers and supplying them to exporters.

In 1978, Mir established a prestigious warehouse on London’s renowned Bond Street, catering to Southeast Asia’s demand for exquisite carpets. Three years later, he expanded his empire to Singapore, establishing the iconic Lotto Carpets Gallery. Specializing in traditional handmade oriental carpets, contemporary masterweaves, and Antique Treasures dating back centuries, the gallery embodies Mir’s passion and expertise. The name “Lotto” pays homage to his favorite carpet type, the Lotto Ushak, renowned for its intricate lacy arabesque pattern inspired by the works of the esteemed Italian painter Lorenzo Lotto.

Today, the legacy of Abid H. Mir lives on through his sons, Imran Mir and Noman Mir. Continuously building upon their father’s visionary path, they remain dedicated to educating customers and nurturing lasting relationships. Beyond carpets, Noman’s profound passion for rare and collectible watches showcases the shared artistic and investment value that drives their family’s enduring legacy.

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Abid H. Mir (Late)

Founder and Executive Chairman

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Imran Abid Mir

Marketing Director 

Noman Abid Mir

Chief Sales Officer

Lotto Carpets Gallery In The Press

Welcome to Lotto Carpets Gallery, a cherished establishment that has been proudly owned and operated by our family for six generations. Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of exquisite hand knotted carpets as you step through our doors. Prepare to be captivated during each visit as countless memories and historical anecdotes attest to the joyous experiences encapsulated within our walls. With over 20,000 meticulously curated carpets available in Singapore, we pride ourselves on maintaining rigorous selection standards. Every carpet in each of our collections has been chosen with great care, ensuring its exceptional quality. The Mir family warmly invites you to embark on a journey to discover your personal masterpiece at Lotto Carpets Gallery.