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A progressive and creative ethos, spanning over four decades, allows us to conceive an unparalleled product; a lasting endeavor at Lotto Carpets Gallery.

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Lotto Carpets gallery is a sixth generation family owned and run business, all about the wonderful world of hand-made carpets. Once you unlock the doors to this magical world, be pleasantly surprised with a highly enjoyable experience, every time you visit. You will very likely want more. Many clients speak fondly of their first (unsuspecting) visits to Lotto, emerging several hours later amazed and enraptured by the multitude of carpets on offer. What you see at first glance around the gallery is but the tip of the iceberg. Counting more than 20,000 carpets in Singapore alone, each and every one carefully curated and subject to stringent selection criteria, you can be sure to find something of appeal.

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By appointment only viewings. Digital and home viewings available upon request.

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• No chemicals No enzymes No shampoo Expert carpet restorations available.

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